Trial and Pre-trial Services

Trial Preparation

Review and assess records or reports in alleged child abuse cases by social services, psychologists, medical professionals, and police

Review and assess the interrogation techniques used by the State

Assist in the construction of an overall defense strategy

Assist the attorney with incorporating the relevant data/research

Interview and prepare defense witnesses for testifying

Evaluate the case with various national experts in child abuse identification and assessment as well as in coerced confessions, DNA evidence, computer forensics, etc.

Recommend experts for testifying or making reports

Assess plea-bargain offers in practical terms


Assist attorneys with voir dire

Assess jurors during voir dire and recommend challenges

Offer attorney assistance developing cross-examination questions of opposing child abuse experts

Recommend alternate strategies during trial if part of the pre-plan strategy is failing due to the unexpected or additional doors are opened by failure of part of the prosecution’s plan

Depositions (Ms. Hart’s deposition skill are widely known throughout the country!)

Assist attorneys in constructing suggested deposition questions for the alleged victim(s), alleged witnesses, social workers, police, medical professionals, psychologists, and experts in child abuse for the State and the defense

Assist during deposition in providing follow-up questions based on the answers given to questions