There is no need for a Broker to find a lawyer!

When you are accused, you need a really good lawyer. Recently someone called me for a lawyer recommendation. I did not have anyone to recommend in their area. I decided to help this particular family try to find a lawyer. After reading all I could find, I called a number that was answered by what I believe was some answering service. When I said there was an emergency that someone had just been arrested, the person answering the phone said I had to speak with a “case manager.” I could not speak with a lawyer. This case manager was a non-lawyer making legal decisions when what was needed was a lawyer. I eventually found a very good lawyer in the area but often wonder how much money would have been taken from this terrified family by this annoyanmous people. It was also shocking to me all the information this non-lawyer wanted of this families. I of course refused to suppy the information but did then discover this non-lawyer would make a referral to an unknown lawyer. I bet recieve a healthy kickback or referral fee, and this non-lawyer does all the “investigation”! Just a hunch.

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  2. Amy says:

    If the lawyer is too busy to talk to the potential client themselves, then the lawyer is too busy to be hired.

    I’ve found excellent lawyers by asking potential lawyers for referrals to other lawyers, and, just because a lawyer won’t take your case does not mean that you can’t learn something from a lawyer who refuses your case. Always ask questions and do some research on your own cases while you’re searching for a lawyer. And NO ONE should be collecting any sort of fee for finding or referring counsel.

    • admin says:

      I agree about the finder fee stuff! You still have to be careful about lawyer to lawyer referrals. Sometimes it is the blind leading the blind. The other thing that is very important is to not fall for advertising crap that lawyers pay for. It is a scary business trying to find competent lawyers to defend child abuse cases.

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